Saturday, April 18, 2009

god dag jeg elske å pilage/ i love to pilage

i went ahend and chose the same option that mickey did in order to keep up. I got day 265 which is

today do something that could save you alot of future hassle

my options were to;
-leave a copy of your house key with a friend in case you lose them in the woods
-buy candles and matches in case there's a sudden power cut while you're in the bath
-spoil your kids so they don't put you in a home when you're old and decrepit
- learn norwegian in case Norway turns into an evil superpower and invade

so naturally i chose to learn some norwegian. i chose it incase i tend to join them, becuase if i had to choose to be anything it would be a samurai and if i cant be that then i might aswell be a bad ass viking. 
 common norwegian phrases

- denne er på min alder landsby nå og jeg vil gjerne brannsår den å terrenget , alle problemer /this is my village now and i want to burn it to the ground, any problems!
- alle din kvinne er høre til meg/all your woman are belong to me.
mead! flere mead!/mead more mead!
stor odin's grådig /great odin's raven

A new direction...

We are now taking this blog into a great social experiment. There is a book that guarantees that it will change your life by following a single thing out of it every day. As we go thru this we will be updating you all, it should be a lot of fun =)

Day 1 Warm-up
As this is your first day, you should warm up with an easy task that will only change your life a little bit.

Choose one of the following options:

Do one press-up
Perform a striptease (in private).
Triple-tie your shoelaces.
Learn to play chopsticks on piano
Increase your typing speed by three words per minute
Jaywalk in a pedestrian zone
Set all your clocks to exactly to the right time
whisper a white lie when no one's listening
fantasize about your partner
Use a different thickness comb
say yo instead of hello
hold the phone up to your other ear
tell someone your middle name
try a new sandwhich filling
leave work five minutes early
bookmark a new website
give your genitalia pet names
decide which one of your toes is the prettiest
insult an insect
go on a one-minute hunger strike

And for those crazy individuals who want to dive in at the deep end:
open this book at random and perform that day's task

Mood is over the moon =)

I figured why not just dive on in to this thing. I had already read some of the other days proceedng this one, and wanting something fresh, turned to the middle of the book apparently in some french section of it. So apparently n day 209 I will have to smoke 60 Gauloises (a french brand of cigarette for peasants). Well since you apparently can rarely fnd these in the U.S. and I am allergic to Tobacco I will just have to compensate. I have a copious ammount of awesome geen waiting at a friends and we are going to smoke the entire thing =) I'll update more on this later.

The day started out pretty well. I got up, smoked a fatty...then went over and had more awesome shtuff at a Alissa's...then got JT(Jalapeno Tree) and scored extra food and didn't care (truly a french way of life)...then we kept rolling and smoking fatties and watching tons of TV episodes (lazy as all hell in the name of France-Viva la france!) and had others joins us later for a group fireside chat, and let me tell you the fattie was fat and he company was the best. More food delivered to the apt and then more green floating around. Then we failed at taking over and controlling any of a galaxy (remind you of most of a certain country during war time)...Alright, it's the end of the night, no more French bashing...

Brian's turn!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Top Ten letters of the alphabet...

10) E
Well had to start out with a good vowel. and E is a pretty good one...Look at all the words I've typed so far that contain an E =) plus elipses, something i use a lot of...

9) R
Right? I mean if the word right starts out with an R then that makes R pretty awesome in my opinion...

8) C
Crazy, Controlled, Cat, Canine, Computer...I Could go on =P

7) I
One of the few letters you can use as a number as well *thumbs up*

6) A
A...Another vowel...Aren't they awesome...They're around the corner every, just abiding by the rules of no one...They were first, why should they listen to anyone?

5) K
King me bitches...That's all I got...

4) B
The big lebowski...bruce leroy...bobby diddley...Mr. Bojangles...Bob Marley...Brian Kempf...

3) H

2) L
<3 Love of course...but also Lion...Lasagna...Luck...

1) M
And yeah, you can call me biased here for liking this one the most =) My name's micky, and there so many Awesome things that begin with M...Like Mike Jaynes bitches...Magic...Mickey's fine malt liquor...Micky's magikal mystery mix...My car...My sharona...Monkeys (especially of the brass persuasion)...and other such M things...

That's it for today...Join me tomorrow for something random...and if you have any ideas of top tens i should do then bring it on =)

p.s. I spelled out 3 different people's full names in this post...

Monday, December 1, 2008


top 10 things that have been said or that i have heard since mike got here 10 minutes ago. me your genitals

2. i can give good sex to you, because im good at sex

3. you got served

4. its the new garden state

5. if i could throw vaginas behind a girls head i would

6. this had better be porn . . ."close"

7. safety

8. can a nigga get a table dance

9. god this chick is so average, are you writing that right now? on myspace usually has hot girls but this one is a fugly hoe . . . i dunno maybe shes growing on me.

10. also i ate shit on the stairs.

Top Ten sunshine moments...

In no particular order since most events at sunshine were awesome =)

10) Playing the quarter machine
I don't know why, but that damn machine is so fun, and you could spend maybe a buck wasting time losing that whole buck...That's better than gambling, except there's really no payout, those things are made for people to waste their time

9) Shaking up a frat guys keg
So these frats guys came in to get a keg and they were being real tools about us carding them and having to pay so much since they didn't bring in an empty keg to trade out. So I go to the back to get the keg, and drop it once while putting it on the cart, take it by one of the handles and shake it up a lot...and then when I'm wheeling it out of the store I take it down a really big step (the curb) and it totally shakes it some I gotta help this guy throw it in the back of the truck we put it in sideways for some reason and it rolls to the back of their truck...Man their beer was probably so foamy...

8) Night shift/Morning shift (Micky and Dan style)
Midway thru the night shift Todd comes in and asks one of us to come in in the morning to open the store. We agreed to both do it and split the money since that basically meant no sleep that night...I believe it was a spring break occurrence...Anyways, we agree and get the great idea to take with us after work a 24 of a malt liquor (mine was Mickey's of course) and also a sparks so that we could stay drunk and be awake for it when we went to work...The nights goes by, and we decide to go to get donuts before going to work (to keep this short I won't elaborate on the doughtnut shop, but it's a funny ass story) get the doughtnuts and go to work, pretty buzzed, awake on energy drinks and with 2 dozen assorted doughtnuts...also there was a latptop...and we spend 2 hours at work doing almost nothing but being fools and getting paid good money for it =)

7) Anytime we got free food from Alvaro
The manager next door at the jack in the box would just hand us free food like all the time...He started coming in and being cool with us when he would buy 40's of king cobra (and I mean like 3 or 4 for a night) before we clsoed so he could have them for later (only weeks later did we find out he just snuck them into the cooler at his work and would get wasted at work)...And so he started giving us free food like all the time...we came back with like a huge bag full of burgers, chicken sandwhiches, tacos and all that other shitty stuff fro you there...

6) Anytime a customer would buy either steel wool, or steel wool and a tire gauge
So for those of you who don't know you can take a tire gauge apart and keep the metal tube as a crack pipe, using the steel wool as a cheap screen for it...It would especially be hilarious to see someone that looks like a crackhead buying steel wool...

5) The day Chris' car caught fire
I mean that was friggin don't just catch fire...from that day on i thought chris was part of some secret government conspiracy...not really, but who's car just catches on fire like that?

4) The day I tricked that guy into believeing we had a shotgun under the counter
Unfortunately I never knew really how much that actually kept us safe (mostly allison) cause that one customer apparently wanted to rob the place after he had found out that there was no shotgun under the counter...

3) Finding that sweet coke - a - cola workshirt in the washateria
Basically i found this sweet workshirt for cocacola just left in the washateria one night and decided to take it...That's about's a sweet shirt, and the only shirt I ever got from sunshine =)

2) Pretty much anytime someone came in just to visit with us...
Seriously it was our friends that kept us sane at that job...While our co-workers knew what we were talking about if we were bitching about customers, visitors just came in and brought whatever news they had and we would exchange stories and then they would's like hanging out with your friends when you're under house arrest...but you're getting paid for it...

1) Quitting sunshine
While i do feeel bad about the way i quit sunshine, i still think it was awesome...I feel bad only because the way I kinda left a few co-workers hanging (sorry bout that)...but it was pretty awesome cause we were having this meeting at jack in the box next door with all the employees and holly goes on this rant about us not doing our jobs right, and basically says if we can't stand their new style of work, to leave...and I just asked them "like right now?" and she said i stood up, asked her when to pick up my last check and walked over to upton to the way that was my first time ever quitting a job, and it was only my second job ever...

I guess that concludes my top ten for today...stay tuned for micky's top ten letter's of the alphabet...

If you have any ideas of top tens i should do then please leave a comment =)


busy busy busy

Top 10 things i have to due this week

1. design and execute a mock up for a 6 page top ten magazine

2. print out every project in typography for portfolio night on thursday

3. type two artist statements, one for my dream show in jewelry and one for expressive drawing

4. present a piece as if it were going in a museum for expressive drawing

5. work monday and tuesday 6-Close

6. start and finish a robot in jewelry along with a digital image to correllate with the robot by thursday

7. watch heroes, and any other shows i missed over the holidays

8. pay bills

9. minor xmas shopping (jo's stocking, sadie's present? and white elephant)

10. see punisher: war zone

Sunday, November 30, 2008

im bringing this back!!

top 10 random things on my mind right now!

1. george loves sleeping on boxes with glass windows (you'll see the pictures)
2. rasberry altoids i wish you were real.
3. work in 21 minutes
4. next week will suck
5. micky is coming in two weeks
6. the your love
7. my thoughts are randumb!
8. i think the me now could beat the me 10 years ago in a typing 'words per minute' contest especially if there has to be typos.
9. if reading comics has taught me anything it is that any of you could be a skrull or shape shifter of some kind.
10. speaking of shape shifting i hope can shape shift into someone rich cuz i want some money.

also twilight sucked.